Homemade Millionaire Review

Well, that was short-lived…

I am still grateful for the opportunity to be on the show.

We filmed many hours of footage, but my portion was clipped down to about 1 minute.  With that said, there was a ton of stuff that I said about my product, myself, and my product vision that never made the cut.

First point of clarification – In my pitch, “Educated” means the informed consumer NOT the PhD graduate.  Additionally, I view this product as the platform for other accessories solutions (not just one product).

Thanks for the support!!!

P.S. – I am in the curvy girls club, but the camera is unforgiving and does give extra weight. I could have cut myself in half and still looked like an apple…but a “fly” apple.


4 Responses to “Homemade Millionaire Review”

  1. Sandralee Says:


    I saw your show on Better, just a few minutes ago and felt that I needed to visit your website to tell you how you have inspired me!.

    I think you are a beautiful person inside and out and wish that more people in the world were like you.

    I am a singer trying to work my way back into the music industry after being a domestic engineer for many years. (stay at home mom)

    I tried my own cleaning business but after about eight months, realized that with a very bad economy and other things, I decided to stop for now and go back maybe later. I then decided that I really want to try and make money at something that I think I am good at, my passion and my dream, To Sing!.

    Please, if you ever have time, visit my website and take a look around, I would really love to hear your personal and professional thoughts. You can send your comments by signing my guestbook.

    I am working hard on getting exposure and getting the word out that I am a singer for hobby but an aspiring wedding singer as well. I also wanted to let you know that in 1985 I went to New Orleans with my church and helped with the clean-up.

    I was so inspired after what had happened and felt that I needed to help!. I want to go there again but finances have been very tight since I have also been laid off for two years.

    I will get through and I will see my dream come true. Things happen for a reason and I know I cannot give up.

    May God bless you and I hope to hear from you.

    P.S. Some day when I get a good paying job, I would like to purchase a bling bling pair of Purse Flats, You are amazing and in my book, already a success!.

    Sandralee Wells

  2. Sandralee Says:

    So sorry, I would like to make a correction,

    I visited New Orleans in 1995, not 1985.

    Thank you
    Sandralee Wells

  3. Denyse Says:

    Aloha Sista, from one inventor designer to another, proud of you!!
    I saw your presentation on Better and you did an excellent job. I too have a product on the market and appreciate other women who not only have a vision but move forward to making that vision a reality. I have designed a washable particulate mask. My mask has been in stores for the past 4 years. I share this only to say stay in there. Your product is wonderful and I will place my order when I’m finished with this post.
    Always the best, and much Aloha
    Denyse -Honolulu HI

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